“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”

- Audrey Hepburn


The Lady

  1. The Definition of Etiquette by Louis XIV
  2. What are Core Societal Values  and should I adhere to them?
  3. Life’s ABC: Importance of the First Impression
  4. Appearance - Deportment and Society Dress Codes
  5. Behaviour - Meeting and Greeting; the ‘things’ you need to know; know the rules but understand where & when to break them
  6. The Art of Afternoon Tea - the most quintessential of English Customs
  7. Formal Dinners, Cocktails and Events
  8. Communication - the real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing but to leave unsaid the wrong things
  9. The Art of Formal Dining - Formal dining Tutorial with a four course meal


Doyin Olorunfemi

I am convinced how far we GROW is dependent on what we discipline ourselves to LEARN! Good Etiquette is a MUST and I am keen to pass this on.

Tolu Adewoye-Ogar

A decade of working in the world of multinational corporations has made me realise Etiquette transcends the preserve of the most privileged in society.

Tolu Adewoye-Ogar

Doyin Olorunfemi

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Saturday 17th of September, 2016.

09:30 to 17:00 (GMT)

Holiday Inn London,

Stratford City

Westfield, London E20 1GL

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I had the privilege of attending the one day Etiquette training on the 8th August. The course was well presented by Ms Tolu & Ms Doyin. Since the training I believe my table etiquette & manners have gone up a notch. The training has also improved my dressing knowledge to different events. I will highly recommend this training to every lady out there as I believe it will help you become a better you. May I also mention that the 4-course meal we had during the dining tutorial was delightful! I now know the Dos & Don'ts of formal dinners.


Rachel, Essex

There were things that really stood out to me like the right shoes to wear. How to correctly take off and put on my coat and also, passing food and who to speak to at the table. I enjoyed the course so much, I actually wish it was a full weekend workshop. I left the course feeling so inspired and knowledgeable that I am now looking to set up a series of formal afternoon tea parties to raise money for charity.


Amanda, Maidstone Kent

I attended 'The Lady' on the 8th of August and would say it a MUST course for every lady. It covered all aspects, from how to dress appropriately for the occasion to how to combine your colours well. There was a lot of brushing up, as well as learning new things for me.


Lastly, the food was absolutely amazing! Thanks Ms Doyin and Ms Tolu for making it fun and exciting.


Shola,  Essex

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